Board Status - December 2017


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Board Status - December 2017

Post by Tom on Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:35 am

Morning all.

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone as well - although at this stage I'm not sure how many people or any of the regulars still frequent the forum. I tend to swing by once a year around this time to look at renewing the domain ( and for the last 11 years or so (the first European board we opened was in April / May of 2006!) it's been a pretty no brainer decision.

I'm not sure at this stage what level of activity we have on the forum - it certainly seems to be pretty quiet compared to previous years, not that this is a bad thing! These things come and go, there's an increasing trend of discussions forums starting to fall away vs. the giants online like Reddit.

That said - I'm not going to renew as a domain. I will still pay for another year of hosting costs - I don't want to lose the post history and everything else that exists on this forum, it's a really nice record of something that was great and from time to time it's great to look through.

I'll probably pop back on the board in a few weeks or so to remove this announcement post.

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and enjoy the holidays.

Tom (Ballack)

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