UEFA changed the seeding for the Champions League, but didn't go far enough.



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UEFA changed the seeding for the Champions League, but didn't go far enough.

Post by shizzle787 on Tue May 05, 2015 4:47 pm

UEFA changed the seeding format so that the title holders and champions of the top seven leagues (top eight if club did CL/league double) will be Pot 1. However, the drop off between the eight champion (Pot 1) and the ninth champion (very possibly Pot 3 or Pot 4) is too great. As this is the Champions League, here is how I would seed the
Group Stage:

Pot 1: Let's assume Barca does La Liga/CL double: Champions of top 8 associations: Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Benfica, PSG, Zenit, PSV
Pot 2: Champions of assocations 9-12 + qualifying champions from 4 best associations that survive qualification rounds (possibly 13-16): Dynamo Kiev, Gent, Besiktas,
Olympiakos, Basel, Red Bull Salzberg, Viktoria Plzen, Targu Mures
Pot 3: Worst qualifying champion + runner up of associations 1-6 + runner up of best association from qualifying (if they or qualify) or 3rd place team from best association (Spain): Maccabi Tel Aviv, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Wolfsburg, Roma, Porto, Lyon, Atletico Madrid
Pot 4: Remaining 3rd and 4th place teams + Europa League winner: Manchester City, Borussia Monchengladbach, Valencia, Manchester United, Bayer Leverkusen,
Lazio, Monaco, Napoli

What the group stage could look like:
Group A: Juventus, Viktoria Plzen, Lyon, Manchester City
Group B: Benfica, Basel, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Monchengladbach
Group C: Barcelona, Red Bull Salzberg, Arsenal, Bayer Leverkusen
Group D: PSG, Olympiakos, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Valencia
Group E: PSV, Targu Mures, Real Madrid, Monaco
Group F: Chelsea, Dynamo Kiev, Porto, Napoli
Group G: Bayern Munich, Gent, Roma, Manchester United
Group H: Zenit, Besiktas, Wolfsburg, Lazio

I personally think this is a more interesting group stage than we have now.

Here is what I think the Round of 16 would like:
Juventus vs. Arsenal
Atletico Madrid vs. Lazio
Barcelona vs. Monaco
PSG vs. Napoli
Real Madrid vs. Benfica
Chelsea vs. Valencia
Bayern Munich vs. Lyon
Zenit vs. Manchester United

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Re: UEFA changed the seeding for the Champions League, but didn't go far enough.

Post by Puro on Fri May 15, 2015 3:40 pm

Balance, rewarding achievement and common sense is the key.

UEFA awarding top seeds to the champions from weak leagues is politically correctness, and politically correctness is bullshit just like cultural marxism. Both philosophies are utterly flawed and need to be tossed out to the garbage and the garbage truck drives by next Tuesday to pick them up.

We're in the business of rewarding achievement and La Liga is the best/strongest league by far. Its champion (Barcelona) is a top seed and also its runner up (Real Madrid). It can be argued that Atlético de Madrid has earned a top seed based on merit, and has the potential to be a semifinalist. However, the PC and culturally marxists' agenda is to award a top seed for the champion of a weak league who hasn't had a sniff of a quarterfinal in the CL in over a decade. Yes, mes amis, cultural marxism and politically correctness is rewarding mediocrity and substandard quality of performance.

Never fucking the less, common sense prevails and gives a shout to those mediocre leagues' champions and supports them for a #2 seed along with the runners up from the other top leagues (Bundesliga, EPL, Serie A, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga). *La Liga is so strong, its #4 ranked team is actually as good or better than any #2 from any league. In fact, the La Liga #5 ranked team (Sevilla) is also as good or better than any #2 from any league.

1) Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, Chelsea, PSG, Benfica, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid.

2) Valencia, Wolfsburg, Roma, Manchester City, Porto, Arsenal, AND THEN the two champions from the strongest lower leagues at the moment Zenit, Dynamo Kyiv. The last two champions may be replaced by the champions of let's say Eredivisie or Belgium league on merit. As it is right now, it's the Russian and Ukranian champs.

3) Europa League champion goes here (Sevilla?) along with any left #3 and #4 teams from the top leagues (Lazio, B. M'gladbach, Manchester United etc.)  accordingly plus the champions from more lower leagues (Switzerland, Turkey, Greece etc).

4) more champions from the lower leagues (Czechia, Romania etc.) plus CL qualifying survivors.

There, we tossed cultural marxism and political correctness to the garbage for good while reaching a balance, respecting integrity, and having common sense.  <Ale>


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Re: UEFA changed the seeding for the Champions League, but didn't go far enough.

Post by Mickey22 on Sat May 23, 2015 11:02 am

I think the solution should be different than seeding.
there are too many teams who get a champions league group stage spot who are not champions at all.
I think the runners up and 3rd place finishers should play qualifying rounds.
my suggestion is something like this:

Group stage-32 Teams in total(10 teams enter in this round)
Champions from associations ranked 1-9+UEFA Champions League winners
+22 winners from 3rd qualifying round

3rd qualifying round-44 teams in total
UEFA Europa League winners
runners up and 3rd place finishers from associations ranked 1-3
runners up from associations ranked 4-9
champions from associations ranked 10-23
+17 winners from 2nd qualifying round

2nd qualifying round-34 teams in total(26 teams enter in this round)
4th place finishers from associations ranked 1-3
3rd place finishers from associations ranked 4-6
runners up from associations ranked 10-15
champions from associations ranked 24-37
+8 winners from 1st qualifying round

1st qualifying round-16 in total
Champions from associations ranked 38-54(except Lichtenstein)

by doing so, UEFA can reduce the 4th qualifying round(play-off round) that is used today(which makes it tougher for teams from weaker countries to proceed to the group stage) and you actually rewarding the champions with a direct spot in the group stage and making the runners up/3rd/4th place finishers to earn their spot in the champions league group stage through the qualifying rounds.
theoretically by doing so we can end up only with champions in the group stage.

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Re: UEFA changed the seeding for the Champions League, but didn't go far enough.

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