If European Leagues were REGIONALIZED



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If European Leagues were REGIONALIZED

Post by shizzle787 on Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:38 am

As the clubs of the smaller nations get farther and farther their counterparts from England, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France, it would seem the only way for the sport to become more competitive in small nations would be to regionalize leagues. Regionalization would lead to higher attendances, greater TV partnerships (due to greater market), and thus more money in the coffers of these smaller (mainly Eastern) European

nations. My proposal would regional Europe across regional lines that make sense geographically and historically. There are 13 leagues I propose and a new Europe-wide Champions League and Europa League.

Here are the rules for each of these leagues:

Leagues will have 18 teams playing a double round robin schedule.

Every region will have a region-wide second division that is connected to the top division via promotion and relegation and nation-wide third divisions that run in parallel (in most cases).

Every country will continue to have a national cup (with the winner earning a berth into the Europa League if not already qualified for the Champions League).

Every regional league will share TV revenue evenly to each first division club.

Every regional association can set up a league cup for clubs in the top two region-wide divisions if they so choose.

No player born in a region may leave that region to pursue other opportunities until he is 23 years old.

The 13 leagues (ranked in my opinion by what their regional strengths would be roughly 10 ten years after this system would be enacted):

1. Iberian League (Spain, Portugal, with Andorran and Gibraltarese clubs in the lower leagues: the clubs from Andorra and Gibraltar would have a national league equivalent to the current 6th or 7th division in Spain with the opportunity for clubs to move up to the Iberian Premier League).

2. British Isles League (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland: Celtic and Rangers would begin in the Championship or League One).

3. Bundesliga (Germany: nothing changes here).

4. Italian League (Italy, with Maltese and San Marinese clubs playing in the lower divisions).

5. Ligue 1 (France: nothing changes here).

6. Commonwealth League (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia: this will be patterned after the Soviet League Football System).

7. Balkan League (Turkey, Greece, Romania, Moldova, Albania with the last two having less teams to start).

8. Adriatic League (Basically the ex-Yugoslav league with Hungary and Bulgaria added; the other six: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia)

9. Benelux League (the Netherlands, Belgium, with Luxembourg clubs in lower leagues).

10. Swaustrian League (Switzerland, Austria, with Lichtenstein clubs in lower leagues).

11. Slavic League (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia).

12. Scandinavian League (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, with Faroese Islands clubs in lower leagues).

13. Mediterranean League (Cyprus, Israel)

Number of berths per league in CL and EL by league #

1: 6 auto berths+ 1 qualifying in CL 2 in EL plus 4 national cup winners

2: 4 auto berths+ 1 qualifying in CL 2 in EL plus 5 national cup winners

3-11: 3 auto berths+ 1 qualifying in CL 2 in EL plus x national cup winners (depends on how many nations comprise a region)

12: 2 auto berths+ 2 qualifying CL 2 in EL plus 6 national cup winners

13: 2 auto berths+ 1 qualifying CL 2 in EL plus 2 national cup winners

Format of the Champions League (played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with Saturday final).

Playoff Round: 14 qualifying teams paired in 7 ties (seeded vs. unseeded); Played during what is now 2nd qualifying round timeframe

Group Stage (48 teams): 41 auto berths+ 7 winners from playoff round; Match days 1-10 playing during what is now 3rd qualifying round, playoff

round, and match days 1-6 timeframe.

Knockout stages will be played during what is now timeframe for EL knockout

Round of 32: Top 4 teams from each group. Teams from same group or region cannot meet. Matchups: Groups winners vs. 4th place teams,

Group runners-up vs. 3rd place teams

Round of 16: Teams from same group cannot meet. Matchups: winners of 1/4 matchups vs. winners of 2/3 matchups.

Quarterfinals, Semifinal, and Final: unseeded draws, anyone can play anyone.

Format of the Europa League (played on Thursdays, with Wednesday final).

This tournament is completely unseeded.

Playoff Round: 15 worst cup winners by club coefficient, 2 best placed teams in each regional league not in CL, and 7 losers from CL playoff round; Played during what is now 3rd qualifying round timeframe

Round of 64: 39 best cup winners by club coefficient, 25 winners from playoff round; Played during what is now match days 1-2 of EL.

Round of 32, Round of 16; Played during what is now match days 3-6 of EL.

Quarterfinals: Played during what is now Round of 32 of EL.

Semifinals: Played during what is now Round of 16 of EL.

Final: Played in the week between what is now Quarters and Semis of EL.

Well, how does everyone like my proposals. Chime in with an ideas, suggestions, improvements, cons, pros.

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